Dance school

We also have a wonderful dance school which is part of DCS. Specializing in Latino Dances for everyone from beginner to advanced levels. We also offer Swing and much more. Our instructors are nothing less than the best! In addition to our classes we have weekend workshops and festivals.

Every Wednesday you can join us for our Latino Glamour Party. You can continue your Latin Dance Rhythms during our weekend festivals, concerts and other exciting events.


Salsa is one of the world's most popular dances. Feel the warmth of The Caribbean Sun while dancing on our beautiful dance floor.

  • cuban salsa
  • or Salsa LA

Exhibit you dancing skills every Wednesday at our Latino Glamour Party.


  • Bachata is the latest dance from The Dominican Republic which is gaining popularity throughout the world.  There are several variations of this Bachata.

  • traditional Dominican Bachata
  • bachata Fusion
  • and bachata Sensual.

Bachata is very popular at our Wednesday Latino Glamour Night.


Zouk is another dance style that is popular throughout The Czech Republic. Zouk is a modern version of Lambada with a more spectacular style. One of the most remarkable features of this dance is the elegant movement of the lead dancer.There are two main versions.

  • The first comes to us from Porto Seguro. The faster of the two variations and more similar to The Lambada
  • The second is a slower more modern version of Zouk.



Come, feel and enjoy a lot of energy of dancing. You can meet new friends, learn new dances or improve your dancing style. 


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